About daregender

What is DareGender?

DareGender is Danish volunteer-based organisation that engages boys and men in promoting gender equality. DareGender’s work is focused on mental well-being, violence prevention and redefining masculinities.

We collaborate with researchers, companies and civil society organisations to develop new initiatives and methods. We are a part of the Global MenEngage Alliance, and collaborate with several Nordic and European organisations. We engage in this work because we believe that the road to a more equal world and equality between all genders requires strong interdisciplinary collaboration, both locally and globally.

Our activities include preventive initiatives that offer constructive digital and physical communities, as well as nature-based men’s groups in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense. We also offer workshops for companies and educational institutions, and we continuously develop new campaigns and events to further our agenda.

DareGender is a member-based organisation with two volunteer working groups, one in Copenhagen and one in Aarhus. In DareGender we are always interested in new collaborations, and we always have space for new volunteers.

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Sammen om arbejdet for ligestilling

What We Do

  • We develop projects and initiatives engaging and involving  boys and men in promoting gender equality and redefining masculinities. We do this by creating inclusive and reflective spaces for conversation and debate about gender, men and masculinities.
  • We offer consulting services for companies that aim to address challenges of inclusion, workplace environment and diversity at their companies. Here we develop tailored workshops and processes to address the specific context of each company or institution.
  • Together with dedicated volunteers we create public events and campaigns that facilitates dialogue and discussion about how we can create a more inclusive, safe and equal culture and society for all genders.
  • We regularly enter into new collaborations with companies, researchers and organisations, both in Denmark and internationally. We believe in broad collaboration across borders and sectors and aim at always inviting new voices and perspectives to be part of the conversation about gender equality.

What does DareGender mean?

DareGender means that we dare to speak about and challenge the understandings of gender that we see and experience all around us. We are especially focused on men and masculinity, and we engage men in our work to nuance and break down negative and narrow understandings and stereotypes of masculinity.